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Biofloral and BudTrainer team up to bring better bud support from coast to coast

BIOFLORAL®, the leading Canadian wholesaler for commercial growers and retailers of cannabis and a one-stop source for indoor and outdoor gardening industry, welcomes BudTrainer to its family of tried and true products.

“BudTrainer is extremely excited and humbled to be partnering with Biofloral because this will allow them to scale their products much faster, while being able to focus on developing their brand and building a community of cannabis lovers who want to grow only the best bud.

– Henrique Dias, Owner & President of BudTrainer.
Henrique Dias with cannabis plants

Commercial Cannabis Production graduate and cannabis lover Henrique created BudTrainer to help growers grow top-quality cannabis at scale. BudTrainer’s mission? To teach the basics of cannabis cultivation while creating cannabis-centered products that are extremely durable and easy-to-use.

“A mission Biofloral can get on board with.”

How did this partnership come to be?  “I heard about Biofloral from a number of retailers, all of whom said that Biofloral was their favourite distributor because they had the best customer service. Since BudTrainer is all about great customer service too, we didn’t hesitate and started getting in touch with Biofloral’s team until the deal was done” says Henrique.

The team at Biofloral is excited to introduce BudClips, BudHuggers, and BudPots from coast to coast created by cannabis aficionados who have a background in design and commercial cannabis production.

BudClips™ – Universal Low Stress Training LST Clips – Made From 100% Recycled Plastic

BudClips in Tent

Designed by mechanical engineers, the BudClips™ are not only extremely strong, but they are also super lightweight and ergonomic for your plants. They were made this way because conventional LST clips have sharp edges and can hurt your plants more than help them.

  • The BudClips help promote larger yields, bigger colas, and more cannabinoids
  • BudClips are super fast & easy to use – install 20 BudClips in less than 5 mins
  • Universal size fits any branch – small or large, young or old
  • The rounded corners are super ergonomic for delicate branches
  • The BudClips are extra lightweight and made from 100% recycled plastic

BudHuggers™ – Extra Thin Plant Training Garden Ties

With the BudHuggers, you never need to worry about strangling your branches or cutting them, because they literally hug your plants. Super thin and ergonomic, the most versatile garden ties for training cannabis plants.

  • Extra thin (2.5mm) and ideal for small seedlings or young branches
  • The BudHuggers are very durable and can be reused multiple times
  • Total 16ft of length yields over 30 six-inch-long garden ties
  • The soft skin on the BudHuggers is super gentle on your plants
  • The extra-strong metal wire can be used to pull OR push branches

BudPots™ – Reinforced Low-Stress Training LST Pots – made From 100% Recycled Bottles!

Two cannabis plants on pots

Designed by mechanical engineers, the BudPots™ are not only some of the strongest fabric pots on the market, but you can also train up to 50 branches with the side holes. Made this way because conventional pots are not only one-time use, but they don’t provide the ability for growers to train their plants in a fast and easy way.

  • The BudPots are fast & easy to use – train 50 branches in 10 mins!
  • They are the thickest & strongest fabric pots in the market (400GSM)
  • The BudPots are washable (by hand) and reusable for up to 5 years!
  • Non-woven fabric walls allow your roots to grow bigger & stronger
  • The metal rim is non-collapsible and keeps your pot rigid!
  • The fabric on the BudPots is made from 100% recycled bottles!

BudTrainer was founded in Canada and has strong Canadian roots with an even bigger distribution capability than ever before. 

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