Kootoney Filter products with Biofloral logo in partnership

Biofloral and Kootenay Filter Inc. Join Forces for Greener Filters

August 19, 2022 – BIOFLORAL®, the leading Canadian wholesaler for commercial growers and retailers of cannabis and a one-stop source for indoor and outdoor gardening industry, welcomes Kootenay Filter Inc. (KFI) to its family of trustworthy products. 

As Biofloral was voted #1 Canadian distributor/supplier at the GROWUP Awards, it is not quite surprising that our friends at KFI would choose Biofloral as its partner and distributor. Ranging from the traditional to innovative products, Kootenay Filter Inc. cannot wait to share its expertise in carbon air filter manufacturing to the Canadian market, which is continuously growing. 

The Canadian Cannabis industry is an extremely dynamic market and has become the reference for countries around the world. Canadians aim for continuous quality and efficiency improvements and KFI is definitely well positioned to support this mindset.

“Roots Back to the Koots”

Established in 2019 in the heart of the Kootenays, in Nelson BC, Kootenay Filter Inc. takes pride in its expertise in carbon air filter manufacturing backed with an experienced team of skilled employees. Their aim is to “deliver reliable clean air filtration to protect (their) customers” by producing reliable, high quality air filters and ventilation products.

Owners Marco Gerhardt and Rick Arnett, former employees of a long-standing air filter company, have made their name in the filtration industry with their slogan bringing the “Roots back to the Koots”, loved by locals because of their 100% corporate-free status.

Raising Environmental Awareness Through Filters and Fans

KFI differs from other filter providers by having both the traditional types of filters and fans, and innovative types of products for greener filtration. Their flagship product is their innovative and lightweight Green Line filters, which includes activated chip carbon made from renewable resources. 

The Green Line filters are wood-based, which separates it from traditional filters that are all mine carbon products. Lightweight and promotes environmental awareness, this line of filters kills two birds with one stone – clean air and environmental responsibility.

Besides the innovative products, KFI sticks to tradition by also providing proven and tested types of filters in their Standard Line filters, which use pelletized activated carbon and a formula that goes back to the filtration industry forefathers. Green line and Standard line filters both have mini-filter versions available. 

Other products provided by KFI include in-line filters, which can be placed in the duct system between the inlet and the outlet airflow, and industrial filters, which have the same components as the standard filters but are customized to the client’s needs.

Stepping up the fan game, KFI also offers innovative fans with EC technology, providing more efficient use of energy. These fans are made up of different materials such as plastic, metal, and galvanized iron. Classic fans are also offered.

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Customers First

KFI states in its website its willingness to discuss with their clients to customize should their products not meet the client’s needs. Aiming to be dependable and open to new ideas, Kootenay Filters Inc. is stepping up the game in air filtration customer service. 

“Our research and development team is ready and willing to discuss your company’s requirements, should we not have an “off the shelf” solution for your air filtration needs.”

– Kootenay Filter Inc.

Kootenay Filter Inc.’s products can now be viewed at Biofloral’s website. For more information about their products, visit this FAQ page on KFI’s website.

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