The Grower’s Source EXPO Brings Together Cannabis Cultivation Community For Virtual Trade Event

Munn & Affiliates, Biofloral & CANNA Canada launch a fully immersive digital spin-off of the Grower’s Source dedicated to the Canadian cannabis business community.

The Grower’s Source—The Canadian Cultivator’s Knowledge Network.

Montreal, QC, 05/11/20

The Grower’s Source was developed by Munn & Affiliates to support Biofloral and CANNA’s cannabis cultivation communities in 2018. This brand exhibit has now been transformed into a fully immersive experience dedicated to Canadian growers and their B2B communities. The 3 companies have come to an agreement where Biofloral and CANNA will become the main sponsors, and Munn & Affiliates, the program producer of the initiative. 

“This project goes over and above our core mission but it should move forward for the greater good”  – Francois Deguire, Président, Biofloral   

This knowledge network comes in response to a gap in the Canadian cannabis industry. “Since legalization, too little space has been offered to the core of the industry, the people behind the business of cultivation. There is tremendous pressure on production efficiency, product quality and so on. While there is an amazing culture of solidarity and collaboration behind the Cannabis Cultivation Business, too little opportunities have been given to the community to connect, learn, and share nationwide.” – Franck Munn, Munn & Affiliates

The Grower’s Source will take life Jan 20th to Feb 6th, 2020 with the industry’s 1st nationwide virtual trade event , and will be followed by the release of it’s full online knowledge network soon thereafter.

Join us for this groundbreaking event!

For more information, please contact

Ryveann Elizabeth


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