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We are so excited to be starting the live CANNATALK sessions again!

As you may well know we at CANNA are passionate people and we strive to help growers like yourself understand plants better, overcome challenges, support each other and get optimal results.

As per previous CANNAtalk events, we are coming up with another unique way growing conversation to interact around current opportunities and challenges within the industry.


An intimate talk

We are inviting a small group of Canadian Growers to sit down with the CANNA team in Toronto within a cosy and intimate atmosphere. You as a grower will be able to watch this LIVE broadcasted experience and also to participate during the talks.


Join the discussion

This 60 minute session will be presented on CANNA’s Social media channels, and on the Grower’s Source newly launched platform:
As a passionate grower you can Get an RSVP to join the Grower’s Source platform here and have the ability to actively participate within interactive discussions. All insights will be considered valuable within the discussion and as usual key learnings emerging from this CANNAtalk experience will be subject to further research, publication and discussion following this LIVE event.




Jose Dominiguez - CANNAtalk

Jose Dominiguez

Neptune Wellness Solutions

Product Manager & Cannabis Sommelier

Jenna Agin - CANNAtalk

Jenna Agin

Neptune Wellness Solutions

Project Engineer & Cannabis Specialist

Nico Hache - CANNAtalk

Nico Hache

Deloitte Canada Centre for Cannabis


Jordan Hannah Lab Director of Mother Labs

Jordan Hannah

Mother Labs

Lab Director

Drew Emmer Strategic Relationships of Boveda Inc

Drew Emmer

Boveda Inc

Strategic Relationships

Erik Duivenvoorde - CANNAtalk

Erik Duivenvoorde


Technical and sales support

Eric Bergeron - CANNAtalk

Eric Bergeron

CANNA Canada Corp.

Technical and Sales Support

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