The Invisible Threats: Viruses & Viroids

in collaboration with Fundación CANNA


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Are you familiar with some of today’s biggest threats to growers?


It’s estimated that 40% of growers, hobby as well as commercial scale across Canada are facing the common threat of viruses and viroids in their gardens. The hot topic of viroids, hop latent viroids specifically, has only recently landed on grower’s radars yet they’ve already affected so many indoor facilities across North-America. This viroid causes significant crop losses for growers of all kinds.

Something no one can afford.

If you’re looking to learn about viruses & viroids, as well as tips to help prevent and to resolve these issues, we invite you to join our next CANNAtalk Experience:


The Invisible Threats: Viruses & Viroids

Thursday, March 24th @ 4 pm EST



Panel discussion including:

Andrea Properzi, Chemist & Quality Manager at the Fundación CANNA
William Fournier from CANNA Canada, Head Cultivator at Mauve et herbes & CANNA Research & Knowledge Center
Brian Coutts, Business Development Manager “Food & Pharma” at A & L Canada Laboratories
Abha Gupta, Horticulturist at CANNA Gardening USA

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Get your questions ready now!

CANNA Canada is inviting you to participate & interact with our panel in this live virtual CANNATalk event, directly on The Grower’s Source platform.

As a passionate grower you can join the event directly on The Grower’s Source platform to have the ability to actively participate within the discussions. Make sure to RSVP / add this event to your calendar via the buttons above, and get your questions ready!


This session will also be available to watch on CANNA Canada’s Facebook & LinkedIn pages. The broadcast recording will also be available post-event on CANNA Canada’s YouTube Channel.


About Fundación CANNA


Fundación CANNA is a non-profit initiative of CANNA España Fertilizantes SL, that carries out studies and conducts research on Cannabis and its active compounds. Its main focus is on:

  • Cannabis plants and their active compounds, related studies and scientific research,  especially regarding its effects on the human body and mind. 
  • Scientific research regarding Cannabis use and its derivatives. 
  • Fundación CANNA has a laboratory where different kinds of tests are performed. 

The idea of the Foundation was conceived out of the need to offer an answer to a broad demand for testing and research.

Read Fundación CANNA’s latest article VIRUS…OR?




The Grower's Source - Andrea Properzi

Andrea Properzi

Fundación CANNA

Chemist & Quality Manager

Andrea Properzi is a chemist and works as a quality manager at the Fundación CANNA. Born in the Italian Alps, he moved to Padua (UNIPD)…

The Grower's Source - William Fournier

William Fournier


Product Development with CANNA Canada & Commercial Licensed Producer “Mauve et Herbes”

The Grower's Source - Abha Gupta

Abha Gupta

Hortisol USA Corp.

Assistant Horticulturist

Abha Gupta is a horticulturist for Hortisol USA and works with Canna users nationally. She has a background in nutrient management, organic production, specialty crops,…

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Brian Coutts

A & L Canada Laboratories

Business Development Manager “Food & Pharma”

Brian is the Business Development Manager and is responsible for “Food & Pharma” segments of A & L Canada Labs which includes cannabis, hemp, and…

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