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The Growers Source Mission: Connect, Collaborate, Grow

Thanks to the contribution of key industry brands, this non-profit initiative has been deployed by the growers for the growers. The platform’s mission is to help growers connect with other serious cannabis growers from coast to coast, support each other’s cultivation and business efforts, and use the platform for collaboration, so the entire community can bond, grow, and succeed.

  • CONNECT – Connect and maintain relationships between you and your fellow Canadian cannabis industry growers. 
  • COLLABORATE- Overcome challenges together with your fellow growers, by learning and expanding a collective knowledge.
  • GROW – Grow your plants, business, and skills while aiming for quality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.
The Grower's Source - Your Exclusive, Private Network

Your Exclusive, Private Network

Get inside a private network on a secure platform that lets you openly (and legally!) talk shop with your Canadian cannabis community. Now you have a safe place to share your thoughts and insights. Meet the head growers and their crews, plus industry pioneers, operations managers and quality assurance professionals; the manufacturers, vendors, retailers and service providers; even passionate home and AMCPR growers that come with their own unique insights. Whatever your level of involvement in cannabis cultivation, you’re certain to find kindred spirits, and to expand your knowledge and network needed to seize opportunity.

Stay In Touch All Year Long With Like-Minded Growers

Stay In Touch All Year Long With Like-Minded Growers

While growers love meeting with peers at industry events, it’s only once every few months at most, even if you get to them all. Fortunately, the Growers Source allows you to stay in touch all year long with a trustworthy network of like-minded growers. Cool people that you can bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and share challenges, commiserate, and bond with. So even as you are immersed in full days tending to your plants, you can still keep learning how to grow better, and share what you’ve already learned. You’ll constantly hear from growers like you on the front lines about new trends, methods, and technologies that will improve your plants and your business.

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Connect and learn in multiple formats within a single platform:

The Growers Source platform gives you many, many ways to interact with, learn from, and share with your fellow Canadian cannabis growers. You can read, watch, chat, and message fellow growers and top-notch educational content. You can participate at whatever level and with whatever platform tools you feel comfortable with. 

Cannabis Trichome - The Grower Source

Publically Viewable Content:

VIDEOCAST — Engaging video and podcast series covering cultivation topics, product reviews, and industry stories. Available on all major platforms to a larger audience.

ARTICLES — Read expert cannabis growing articles, including articles that make cannabis horticulture science relevant and accessible. Our articles focus on cannabis cultivation technical knowledge, commercial cannabis cultivation solutions, and cannabis facility team and labor management. You can even publish articles (LINK) to express yourself, share your knowledge, and boost your business and network.

RECORDED SESSIONS — View several recorded sessions covering growing best practices and panel discussions on industry trends presented by industry pioneers and experts at the 2021 Growers Source EXPO and any further contributors events.

Secure Private Canadian Cannabis Community (via the Growers Source Community website or app):

GROWER’S PROFILES — Connect with other fellow members of the Growers Source community, with profiles you can read about others and your own profile that lets you share details about yourself.

CONNECTION AND GROUPS: You can connect and create your inner circle, join public, private or hidden social groups with separate activity feeds and member listing. For example you could join or start groups based on your interests, geography, and professional or hobby growers. 

PRIVATE AND GROUP MESSAGING — Send private messages to another member or start a group thread to a group of members. 

FORUM DISCUSSION — You and members of your group can communicate in a structured, bulletin-board style fashion.

ACTIVITY FEED — Stay up to date all year long with global, personal, and group activity feeds with threaded commenting, direct posting, @mentions, and document posting.

ZOOM MEETING — Effortlessly schedule new Zoom meetings and manage past meetings for video conferencing.

A small plant of cannabis seedlings at the stage of vegetation

Events (may be public or private):

  • LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT — The Growers Source Community started with the 2021 Growers Source Virtual Expo. More virtual events can be hosted by contributors and growers on the platform within an ongoing, all-year-long discussion.
  • FACE TO FACE — Interact directly with your fellow Growers Source Community members at meetings and presentations we host at cannabis industry events.
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The Spark That Launched The Community: The 2021 Growers Source Virtual Expo

With 350 attendees from every Canadian province attending 25 live, interactive learning and networking sessions over the course of a 14 days period in January and February 2021, the inaugural Growers Source Virtual Expo was a wildly successful gathering of serious cannabis growers and the industry experts who support them.

growth platform

A New Growth Platform

Attending cannabis growers gained tremendous insights about the business of cannabis cultivation, in a virtual forum that one attendee called “the most face-to-face experience you can get online.” Attendees also got a sweet taste of the potential value of a robust community of their fellow cannabis growers and industry members.

get familiar

Get Familiar & Network

This virtual expo was the jumping-off point for our always-on, always available Growers Source Community website and app you can join now (LINK). Attendees to the 2021 Growers Source Expo that are known cannabis growers are automatically registered as members of the Growers Source Community.

the expo


EXPO Attendee

I learned more during these 4 days of sessions then I did during four years at university………..

Be a Buzz Worthy Brand That Cares

The Growers Source is a non-profit initiative created during the pandemic to connect, unite, and enhance the people involved in the cultivation of cannabis in Canada. The Growers Source Community has been generously supported financially by some of the industry’s key brands, and could not exist without the support of such contributors.

When your brands contributes to this great initiative, you not only strengthen the community that matters for your business, your brand can also gain more exposure with leaders in the Canadian cannabis industry. We have multiple contribution levels available, as well as activation opportunities to elevate your brand in the eyes of those who matter. Click here to request (or see) our media kit.

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