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How do we sustain the sparks? A platform to keep the core connected


Canada’s cannabis industry continues to accelerate, and its success hinges on the talent, innovation, and rigor of thegrowers. From seed to harvest, they are people with their hands in the dirt and their heads in the weeds (so to speak)..

A New Growth Platform

The Grower’s Source Expo is the first industry trade event in Canada that gives the stage to the business of cannabis cultivation, offering a uniquely engaging virtual experience designed for collaborative learning and the forging of new connections. BUT WAIT, The Grower’s Source goes beyond the Expo, expanding into a source for conversation, education, and a network for growers to stay connected and push the craft to its pinnacle. Because when that happens, everyone benefits.

Get Familiar & Network

Cannabis cultivation and the people involved in its business are the focus of The Grower’s Source Expo. You’ll meet the head growers and their crews, of course, but also industry pioneers, operations managers and quality assurance professionals; the manufacturers, vendors, retailers and service providers; even passionate home growers that come with their own unique insights. Whatever your level of involvement in cannabis cultivation, you’re certain to find kindred spirits, and to leave with the knowledge and network needed to seize opportunity.

Need More Incentive?

Here’s just a taste of what to expect at the first annual Grower’s Source Expo:


  • 2 weeks of ongoing industry insights, entertainment and networking opportunities with other growers and cannabis industry stakeholders.
  • 2 x 2 days of live, interactive presentations, panels, Workshops and Learning Labs.
  • Huge savings on best-in-class product and equipment through Biofloral’s 2021 Wholesales Sales Booking program exclusively available during the Expo.
  • Virtual Lounge and round tables to learn about new cultivation trends, techniques, innovations, and best practices with subject matter experts that have hands-on experience in the field as well as world renowned brand specialists.
  • Swag bag delivered right to you.

Be a Buzz Worthy Brand

Are you a brand seeking more exposure? We have multiple sponsorship levels available, as well as activation opportunities to elevate your brand in the eyes of those who matter.


The Canadian cannabis industry is evolving as it grows. That goes for cultivation tools and techniques as much as any other aspect. Whether you’re involved directly in the industry, are a passionate home grower, or just have an inquiring mind, you want to stay up to date and informed about what’s making waves in the cannabis cultivation.

The Channel

Treat your eyes and ears to The Grower’s Source Broadcast, an ongoing resource for top shelf cannabis cultivation content. Through breathtaking video and deeply insightful podcast discussions, we’ll cover the most pertinent industry stories, and leave you with the inspiration to take your grow game to the next level.

The Host

Join Olivia for conversations and interviews with the people embedded in cannabis cultivation, from enthusiasts with basement grow rooms to Master Growers working with large scale operations. Olivia’s passion and energy keeps the discussions lively and deep enough to offer value to even the most accomplished growers.

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Cannabis is taking off in Canada, which means a steadily growing pool of growers. Whether you’ve been a Master Growersince legalization or you’re looking to plant your first seed, convenient access to this thriving community will help elevate your craft.

Grower Focused

The Grower’s Source Network is a place that’s just for growers. Driven by community rather than commerce, the Network is a credible resource for connecting growers with a shared passion, professional interest, or both.

A Cultivated Space

Cannabis cultivation is a craft, and one that growers are anxious to discuss and share with each other. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a dedicated online space for Canadian growers. Until now. The Grower’s Source Network is a platform built to keep growers connected and propel the possibilities of cannabis cultivation forward.

More Than a Forum

In addition to being a platform for connecting growers across Canada, the Network offers:

🟣 Topic-based discussion channels with participation from industry experts.

🟣 Casual monthly happy hours and virtual get-togethers.

🟣 Private and secure chats to share sensitive information.

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