The Unicorn Music Festival and Rosebud Bowl – Unicorn Cup 2023



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The Unicorns Journey

The Unicorn Music Festival

Featuring Rosebud Bowl

Known as Unicorn Cup, The Unicorn Music Festival featuring Rosebud Bowl is BC’s Premiere 3 Day Music & Camping Festival, including Canada’s first Cannabis Comparison to provide a platform for LP and Micro’s legal participation. We are a music festival celebrating the Spirit of Cannabis, regenerative farming practices and bridging the gap between governance, legal producers, consumers and the transitioning legacy market.

Our unique BC event combines the best of the DJ and Live music scene, breathtaking natural wonders of the Kootenay Mountains and Rosebud Lake mixed in with cannabis education and culture. Music, nature and cannabis have always gone hand in hand to be combined seamlessly at The Unicorn Music Festival.

We believe that only through the connection between casual and experienced consumers to cannabis industry participants will there be a better understanding of what today’s Canadian cannabis consumer demands. Connecting the consumer to producers in meaningful ways, and empowering industry participants with knowledge to help them understand better purchasing objectivity is The Rosebud Bowl’s main vision.


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