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Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn have been cultivating pure, closed loop cannabis for 25 years. They are Humus Beings dedicated to intentionally and actively educating cannabis gardeners on purity in cultivation. They are passionate about being a clear, conscious voice for the cannabis plant, whom has given so many benefits to all of humanity.

They created Dragonfly Earth Medicine which is not only a nutrient company but also a educational platform for regenerative outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation. The Pure Certification was also started by DEM and has become a community driven,beyond organic certification for cannabis cultivation and extraction.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine is dedicated to pure regeneratives. Our micronized inoculants of herbs, bacteria, humates, and Endo Mycorrhizae are tried and tested. We believe that pure medicine, means just that. We do not work with synthetics, animal products or fad ingredients. We have let Mother Nature be our mentor. We work with 100% regenerative or wildcrafted, human grade, herbs, bacterias and endomycorrhizae. Our inoculants are brought to you from…… 20 years of Regenerative, Natural Farming/Soil Microbiology experience and another 25 years of Traditional Herbal studies.

Dragonfly Farm is a family owned farm dedicated to the regeneration and health of the earth and it’s humans. Vitality of water, soil, plants, humans, mycology and cellular renewal has been our focus for over 20 years. We have taken this focus and come up with an ideology that dictates our everyday life on our farm. Our surroundings of glaciers, mountains peaks, forests, healthy ecosystems and vibrant northern life gives us inspiration to keep it pure and natural. Clear cuts, disturbed water sheds and mans impact on our global community is our reality. We continue to learn about how we can impact the earth in a positive way. We have started with soil. Soil in its most basic form holds nutrients for the creation of life. Each region has its own soil which contains a microbial community that supports certain bacteria, fungi, microbes and ultimately plant life that is particular to that region. In areas that are undisturbed by human conditions, the soils are rich and contain all that a plant would need for it to grow to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, these soils are only available in our old growth forests and undisturbed riparian zones. It has become our passion here at Dragonfly Farm to create vital soil environments that help each seed that is planted to reach its fullest potential. Soils and humans need bacterias, fungi and healing herbs to have ultimate immune response and ideal growth.