Breeding, and Craft Cannabis Production



Specializing in Horticulture & Agriculture

It is great to earn a living and support my family doing what I thoroughly enjoy over 40 years in commercial horticulture/agriculture; owning and managing a vegetable and flower seed company. Throughout the years I collected and grew everything I could find that was different and new in cannabis keeping my focus on medical for pain relief. I saw true Indica, Afghan, Colombian Gold and more.

All that leads me to the present in 2022 having 81 old strains with 22 of them being used to mine long lost turps, chemo-types and structural types by a special process I call “strip mining” or dynamite fishing.” I start with one of todays hot strains, then reverse it and self it to make (feminized) seed. From those feminized seeds I do a sift to see what variation grows from 200 to 300 plants. If I find something I like, I make my plan for that particular strain; if you don’t have a plan, you are driving blind.

This is where the mining starts. I take the clones from the sifted choices and I plant two per greenhouse along with two of everything I decide to test and breed. I usually have 30 to 50 different cultivars per house and I reverse one of my old mothers that I am completely certain is stable; being sure of flavours, structure and chemotype imparted when crossed with something. I know this from many years of experience with those 22 strains I use regularly.

This is the way I have 100’s of test crosses I grow out often finding awesome powerful recessive trait treasure. When I find “gold” I start doing BX and/or grow out to sift and do a self back to focus my direction; stripping cool stuff from hidden and lost treasure.

I would describe most of today’s current seeds as “omelettes.” What I enjoy doing with all these “scrambled eggs” or genetics is to unscramble them using my old unpolluted strains. Fortunately the experience and insight I have gained throughout many years, enables me to find a few stunning strains every years.

Cannabis for medical use is a main focus and passion since having a history of neuropathy and back pain from a back fracture sustained in a car accident. I have successfully been crafting strains that alleviate my neuropathic pain and allow me to sleep well through the night, while getting off of heavy prescription pharmaceuticals. With my need for pain relief I have also successfully grown used/tested and shared two strains that provide quick migraine relief. Friends and associates to whom I gifted samples, have reported my exact personal experience of quick and complete relief. Further to medical strain development; Autism Spectrum disorder in children is a condition close to my heart, thus medical strains will always be a huge focus of Gold Hat Seeds.

I currently work with LP’s in Canada while licensing for seed and genetics in anticipation to go full speed when the USA opens up fully.