The Dank Hour Panel – Using Science in Plant Breeding The Dank Hour with Special Dr. P. Henry

Dr P. Henery a biodiversity researcher who applies genetic tools to shed light on the interrelationships between humanity and our living counterparts. My research interests include biological invasions, the impact of various anthropogenic stressors on the genetic structure and connectivity in wild and domesticated populations as well as therapeutic benefits gained from our interaction with nature and the myriad chemical constituents produced by plants. My most recent focus is on using genomic and bioinformatic tools in a variety of species including but not limited to members of the genus: Abies, Angelica, Anethum, Apium, Boswellia, Cananga, Canarium, Cannabis, Chamaecyparis, Cinnamomum, Copaifera, Coriandrum, Cistus, Citrus, Commiphora, Conyza, Cuminum, Cupressus, Cymbopogon, Daucus, Elletaria, Eucalyptus, Ferula, Foeniculum, Jasminum, Juniperus, Helochrysum, Heracleum, Homo, Hyptis, Hyssopus, Lavandula, Laurus, Ledum, Ochotona, Ocotea, Olea, Onchorynchus, Panthera, Pelargonium, Picea, Pinus, Piper, Pseudotsuga, Salvia, Solidago, Syzygium, Tanacetum, and Zingiber.